This 6 week AIESEC program provides undergraduate students an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships centered around social issues. The objective is to target our country’s youth and help them enrich their education by offering them a holistic international experience.

As a YGEP exchange participant, you will work on a developmental project along with other participants from across the globe, take complete ownership in an unfamiliar environment, manage your own projects and track your results – exactly as an entrepreneur would. We will support you through this experience and ensure that it challenges your world view and helps you gain a unique combination of multi-cultural, social and entrepreneurial exposure.

Over 23,000 young people across the globe went on an AIESEC developmental sector exchange in 2013. This included 927 Indian students, who were selected from more than 80,000 registrations which came from over 400 universities.

So what are you waiting for?



You can also select YGEP projects based on your interest. Take a look at the kind of projects we run in several countries:

Human Rights

Address a common standard of living by providing education to raise awareness of legal, social and ethical principles among the underprivileged communities. You can work on creating and sustaining a project on gender inequality, child rights or human rights as a whole. Countries you can work in on this issue : Egypt, Turkey, Nepal and many more!

Economic Growth and Business Dev.

Addressing relevant sectors of the economy per each local/regional/national area in order to improve economical health of the entities in those areas. Therefore we want to provide different business models and business intelligence focusing on enhancing organizational growth. Countries you can work in on this issue : Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, Italy and many more!


Work on providing access to basic education to the underprivileged. You can work in a project which undertakes the responsibility of providing language education, basic IT education, financial education etc.

Countries you can work in on this issue : Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, Vietnam many more!

Cultural understanding

You can do your bit for world peace. Create and sustain a project about promoting inter-regional tolerance and creating ambassadors by addressing cultural differences and origins. Countries you can work in on this issue : Russia, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and many more!

Environment Project

Our world seems to be becoming a ticking time bomb. You can work on education, capacity building and local activities that address and tackle the issue of environment and sustainable environment. Countries you can work in on this issue : China, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, many more!


You can do your bit for world peace. Create and sustain a project about promoting inter-regional tolerance and creating ambassadors by addressing cultural differences and origins. Countries you can work in on this issue : Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, South Africa and many more!

Projects on developing young careers

Offering complementary extra-curricular solutions to the current educational system and consciously prepare youth for their future career.

Application Process

Online Sign up

Sign up on this website by entering your details.


Post selection Process

  • • Induction on YGEP & AIESEC.
  • • Matching Profiles with projects in other countries.
  • • Assistance with Visa & Other Documents.
  • • Culture Preperation Seminar.
  • • Exchange Participant goes for exchange & creates his own impact report.
  • • Students are integrated into AIESEC upon successful completion of internship.



Selection Process

After receiving the applications for YGEP, we conduct a selection process for the students. The selection is purely based on the Global competency model that AIESEC follows. Check basic eligibility on ygep.aiesec.in

Contract and Administration Fees

After the selection,AIESEC signs a contract with the students agreeing to the terms and conditions of YGEP. The contract is only signedonce the applicant presents a No objection certificate (NOC) and pays up the minimum registration fee for the Program.
The registration fee covers the services that AIESEC provides to the students in the entire process of matching their profile to a suitable project and giving access to AIESEC’s internal database of internships. AIESEC avails highly subsidized accommodation and food (in some cases even free accommodation and food) to all the exchange participants, as one of its services.

Impact Stories


My Summer in Egypt. One of the best decisions of my life has been to pay Rs 30 and fill the form to join AIESEC, because of which i decided to go on exchange to Egypt. This paragraph is just not enough to explain my experience. You actually need to go on exchange to understand what i mean. I hope you do I was an Intern with AIESEC in Cairo University. I worked on a project called ‘The Tripple Effect”. Working on a social project in a team of 10 interns and staying in a house with 27 people from more than 10 different countries taught me much more than the 3 years I’ve spent in college.
~Ajitanshu Ramji, 19, B.M.M. Student , Egypt.


It was exactly around this time last year when I decided to go on exchange. After some amount of contemplation, I chose Malaysia I went for 6 weeks and worked on an environmental awareness and an HIV/AIDs project there. To the say the least, the decision to go on exchange, woke me up. It woke me up to the host of experiences that I had believed were out of my reach. It made me believe in things that I had long since considered existent and most of all, it introduced to me to people really stretched my mind. Once I was there, there was no turning back! My exchange was that single factor that exposed me to everything AIESEC has to offer. If not for those 6 weeks, I would definitely not be half of where I am today. It was definately a life changing experience for me!
~Ketaki Sodhi, 18, B.A Student, Malaysia.

To see more stories, click here:

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Age: Above 17 not more than 30.
Proficiency in English.
There will also be an assessment which will be taken by the local office after the application.
This assessment will be to test the applicant’s Global mindset, Entrepreneurial outlook, Social Responsibility, Emotional intelligence, and proactive learning.


How does AIESEC differ from other organizations that provide internships abroad?

AIESEC provides you with an international experience; the emphasis is on providing cross-cultural experience and complete overall development. AIESEC provides a platform that students can use for personal and professional development. AIESEC is an entirely student run organization that focuses on creating positive impact and helping students tap into their leadership potential.

What does AIESEC offer students in the global entrepreneurs programme?

AIESEC offers you a platform to find an internship experience of your choice. The members in the organization provide guidance and assistance throughout the course of your association with AIESEC. The members will ensure you are inducted into the organization, help you search and find the internship experience of your choice, assist you with documents and visa processes, ensure you are fully prepared for the experience in the country you have chosen. The AIESEC host committee, country will guide and assist you once you reach the host country. The host country will make sure of the pickup, accommodation, internship experience and all other networking events with other interns working on the project with you.

What does AIESEC not provide you?

AIESEC does not offer you tailor made internships as a product, that is, it does not provide you a particular internship in a particular country. AIESEC is present in 113 countries in the world and has a number of opportunities for students to choose from. A student enrolling in the Global Entrepreneurs Programme should be flexible and accommodative with the various internship experiences available in a variety of countries. Every student however, will be given a choice of internships in various countries to choose from before he/she makes his/her decision.

Is there a selection procedure?

AIESEC does have a selection procedure for the applicants who register for the Global Entrepreneurs Programme. The selection procedure is basically to ensure flexibility, global mindset and English fluency of the applicant.

Why choose an international internship over an internship in India ?

Through our Global Entrepreneurs Programme you will gain a diverse and international team experience, develop a global mindset, entrepreneurial outlook and become a Global citizen. It is a unique experience and cannot be compared with an internship in India. Being a participant of GEP, you also get exposure to AIESEC's network of corporates and universities.

Who will help me in the host country?

AIESEC has its local committees in 113 countries. The internship experience is based in the nearest local committee of the project chosen. The members in local committee present in the host country will organize for your accommodation, pick up from airport/ station, show you around the city and accompany you to work on your first day. In addition, they will integrate you into their activities; organize events for you and the other interns. The members will help you get accustomed to the people, culture in the host country. If there should be any problems, there will always be someone to help you. We will also be in contact with you and support you in every way possible.

Do I receive a refund if I am not able to find a suitable internship?

The fee collected by AIESEC is not refundable if you are not able to find a suitable internship or decide to withdraw from the same. We assure that students who enroll with us get full guidance and support, along with access to AIESEC's platform and network of internship experiences in 113 countries.

Will an AIESEC experience help me get into colleges/ universities abroad?

AIESEC is an international organization present in 113 countries and 2400 universities. The organization has a huge network, partners and renowned alumni. The AIESEC experience will surely help you have an international outlook and a global network. Being a participant of the GEP will definitely give you exposure to our Partners. The experience will only be a bonus to your application.

Can me and my friend/friends go for this internship together?

There might me a small chance that two people can take on an AIESEC experience together but there is no guarantee that you will get the same project. AIESEC believes in diversity and we believe and encourage students to take this up alone as it helps one's individual experience and helps you get out of your comfort zone. We strongly suggest taking up the Global Entrepreneurs Program alone. We will ensure you have a fantastic experience and make friends for life!

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! You will get a certificate for your internship experience from the local AIESEC chapter.



Tens of thousands of students and fresh graduates each year in over 113 countries manage an organization that facilitates a huge number of international exchanges. These exchanges have an aim to provide young people with an experience that helps them understand cultures other than their own.

We believe that being a part of this global community, taking these management and leadership opportunities and having a chance to learn and question our roles in the society gives us, as AIESECers, a bit of power and direction in becoming agents of change and equips us with skills that can impact our society positively.

A.I.E.S.E.C. was originally an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales. AIESEC is no longer used as an acronym but simply as the name of the organization.

AIESEC was founded way back in 1948 in 7 countries in Europe. Now, more than 60 years later we’re present in over 113 countries and territories, and are still growing.

Since its foundation, AIESEC has been entirely youth-led. Every single year, new leadership teams are elected from the membership at every level of the international association.

We have over 1,000,000 alumni who’ve been through an ‘AIESEC Experience’, many of whom have gone on to do incredible things. Our alumni include leaders within business, global politicians and even a Nobel Peace Laureate.